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  • Wentworth Goods Co Wax Cotton Helmet Sling - Olive

    The accessory we have always wanted! A simple solution to an age old problem; How do you carry your helmet about safely when off the bike, without actually, err, carrying it? Enter stage left, the Wentworth Sling.

    Sling is a helmet carry strap made from premium 'wet' wax cotton - exactly like that used in premium wax cotton jackets. With robust quad-stitching on the 8oz waxed cotton strap, diamond-quilting on the padded 16oz shoulder and tongue-pads, that provides comfort and protects the helmet from scratches. Lined with a corduroy backing that helps prevent slipping while carrying.

    Designed to be tough and durable the Sling comes with a heavy duty military quick release buckle for fast deployment, that can withstand 25kg of force, so will help prevent the little scrote who might want to snatch your helmet from you getting away with it, as well not opening while you are riding with a helmet or if you happen to get it caught on something. Sling is built for a lifetime of protecting and caring for the thing that keeps you safe, your helmet.

    Sling is a helmet carry strap for riders, everywhere, for use with all helmets, either through the chinbar or through the chinstrap.

    The Sling has adjustable length and folds up to put in a pocket or bag when not in use.

    Originally developed during the early days of lockdown restrictions easing in the UK when entering a shop or pub mean't balancing your helmet on something nearby while you put on a face-mask and disinfected your hands, the Wentworth Sling has evolved into a premium, practical carry strap for a huge range of situations, like ; carrying your pillions helmets, how to carry your helmet while shopping and what to do with it at festivals and events, no more leaving it chained to your wheel, or trusting the helmet park!


    • Available in 4 colours; Navy, Black, Brown and Olive
    • Premium 8oz Wet Waxed cotton construction
    • Matches premium waxed cotton jackets
    • 16oz luxury corduroy backed shoulder and tongue pads
    • Quad-stitched for strength and durability
    • Heavy duty military grade quick-release buckle, supports forces up to 25kg
    • Easy to operate with gloves on
    • Designed to open in the event of an accident for rider safety
    • Attaches to any helmet through the chinbar or chinstrap
    • Adjustable length
    • Easy to carry in a pocket or bag