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Resurgence Gear® 2020 Sara Jane Legging PEKEV Lite Motorcycle Jeans - Black

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The ever popular ladies high waisted legging with a concertina panel, now with increased PEKEV lite coverage and D3O IP Ghost armour, for the most discreet armour available, and CE Certified for 2020.


  • 80% PEKEV Lite fabric coverage
  • Wicking mesh lining
  • High stretch poly denim
  • Slim leg
  • High rise waist to rear
  • Concertina stretch panel to rear
  • Height adjustable knee armour pockets
  • External zip knee armour pocket opening
  • Includes D3O’s revolutionary IP Ghost CE Level 1 armour at the knee and hips, 5mm thin for comfort and discretion with complete impact protection
  • YKK zips

CE EN17092 rating – AA

Colour – Black


  • Performance 

    PEKEV® Ultra Lite

    PEKEV® Ultra Lite is a new addition to the revolutionary Pekev® fabric range.
    A single layer Pekev®/cotton/elasteen combination.

    PEKEV Ultra Lite is made by wrapping our industry leading, highly abrasion resistant PEKEV thread in dyed cotton and elasteen. The resulting thread is then woven into fabric, creating a highly abrasion resistant cloth that is cotton to the touch and therefore feels like normal denim, while having our high strength PEKEV at the core of every single thread.

    PEKEV Ultra Lite is woven such that on the facing side of the fabric there is a PEKEV cored thread to every one on the rear face of the fabric, to provide the highest levels of abrasion resistance available to a light-weight single layer denim fabric and is unsurpassed among modern day protection layers.

    Compared to other polymers, PEKEV® has the highest impact strength, is self- lubricating, has high wicking properties,

    has a low amount of friction and is resistant to abrasion. PEKEV® is 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel.

    PEKEV® Ultra Lite fabric has been internationally tested excelling in safety, durability and usability.

    We have combined this latest fabric technology with high street fashion to create a new standard of protection and comfort in motorcycle clothing.


    _CE EN 13595 – Level 1 and
    CE EN17092 – AA abrasion ratings

    _Over 200% stronger than similar fabrics

    _15 times stronger than carbon steel

    _Comfort stretch with integrated elasteen

    _Longer lifespan compared to other brands

    _Durable against bleach, UV, heat dispersion, moisture, detergents, and ionic enzyme washing.


    Unlike aramid fabric which degrades quickly PEKEV® is strong against:

    Ionic enzyme washing. In 90% of cases aramid fibres are treated with ionic enzymes when washing denim, so performance is affected right from the point of manufacturing. Aramids are sensitive to acids. PEKEV® is unaffected.

    Bleach. Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) treatment completely destroys the strength of aramid fabrics. PEKEV® remains unaffected.

    Ultra violet (sunlight to you and me). In strong sunlight, or a high UV environment, aramid fibres degrade and life cycle is reduced. With PEKEV® there is no degredation and the fibres are unaffected.

    Moisture. Aramid strength is affected by moisture and washing. PEKEV® is again not affected.

    Detergents. Superior chemical resistance means that the performance of PEKEV® is unaffected by these.

    Heat dispersion. Most aramid fabrics retain heat and do not breathe PEKEV® disperses body heat and is breathable, so keeps you cool comfortable and able to focus even on long runs on sunny days.

    • D3O® GHOST

      D3O uses patented, patent-pending and proprietarytechnologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties.

      D3O® Ghost is the thinnest and most flexible limb protectorrange from D3O.

      Designed as fit and forget armour for use in motorsports and mountain bike, D3O® Ghost is made with the revolutionary new Impact Print technology which allows for unrivalled freeformgeometry and flexibility.


      • CE certified to EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1, for Ambient andWet conditions

      • Type A coverage

      • Superior breathability and low-profile design

      • Market-leading flexibility, with geometry which conforms to the limb, fitting perfectly against the body.

      • Simple integration into garments through hook and loopattachment space at the top of the protectors.

      • Recommend to place limb protector with the fabric side facingto the jeans to ensure no read through of the protector.