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Resurgence Gear

Resurgence Gear is a Canadian, and new to Europe, brand of biker jeans, lined with a revolutionary new aramid called PEKEV®. They have completed and passed testing for conformity to CE certification EN13595-1 and achieved it at the level 2 status with a record abrasion resistance of 10.83 seconds, exceeding the results of all other bike jeans by 1.5 times. The Resurgence Gear Voyager ladies jeans are the only ladies jeans to achieve CE EN13595-1 level 2 status along with the Resurgence Gear Cruiser Cargo Trousers. Resurgence Gear jeans, trousers and jackets are all supplied including armour from D3O.

Next to the skin the comfort mesh layer wicks heat and moisture away from the skin, making Resurgence Gear some of the most comfortable biker jeans to wear available today. The range includes three models for men and 2 for ladies, soon to be expanded to 6 models for men, 4 for ladies and 2 jackets, also lined with the revolutionary PEKEV® protective liner. Also models available in varying colours to suit any taste. The jeans were styled in California and are one of few biker jeans that have a fashion style and cut, for men as well as women!, coupled with a revolutionary new aramid layer, for the ultimate in safe biking, while also looking good. As Resurgence Gear say it's "Where style meets strength"!